Corporate – Customer Relations Manıfesto

1- Innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and customer oriented thinking guide all our activities aiming at bringing dreams to life. Our fundamental principle is to offer our customers quality, rapid, pioneering and reliable services and to provide a perfect and distinctive experience.
2- We establish open feedback mechanisms to listen to our customers in all our companies. Our customers can easily access customer services after sales as well through various channels.
3- We attach importance to establishing long-term relationships with our customers. In order to transform this process into a perfect experience, we monitor, measure and prepare reports on our customers’ satisfaction at regular intervals with mechanisms such as perception surveys and satisfaction polls. We monitor changing customer expectations, assess the feedback we have received and take pioneering actions in areas open to improvement.
4- We attach maximum importance to our customers’ feedback. We share these with senior executives, assess every one of them carefully and take the necessary actions.
5- We train our employees who are in direct contact with the customer regarding customer experience and enhance their expertise and development.
6- We use our customers’ proposals to improve our products and services and carry out open innovation in every appropriate area along with our customers.
7- Within the framework of responsible marketing principles, we adopt an approach taking into account social differences, respectful to human rights, fair, transparent, open and which shares correct information in communicating our products and services. We communicate with the goal of raising customers’ and consumers’ awareness regarding environmental and social issues.


Vision,  shapes and directs the future practices of businesses. The business vision is a goal where the leader directs his energy and resources. The vision will be defined by adding lively terms that include the intended activity and characteristics of a business and its values. The vision is to “go beyond the given framework”. Insight is a different expression of emotion and observation. It is not for nothing that it is said that Istanbul’s stone and soil is gold. This visionary city of gold value is also known for its ability to merge two continents.
Mission,  literally means a special task undertaken by a person or community. Our mission is to establish small Istanbul in these strategically important locations and to enable you to enjoy your life and shopping in Istanbul. This formation has been specially designed for you. It was established to satisfy your longing with the elements that define Istanbul, the Maiden’s Tower, Bosphorus, Taksim and Galata Tower. It is up to you to share your pleasant moments with your loved ones with the texture, taste and flavor of this cosmopolitan city.


LİTTLE ISTANBUL project has a much more advantageous position in terms of size and brand mix than
many shopping centers in the world and in the United States with its stores that gather Turkish Brands
established in the United States. As the current location, LİTTLE İSTANBUL is located in a special
location in NEW JERSEY, and the second stage project has the goal of establishing in NEW YORK and
the third stage project in FLORİDA.
It responds to different tastes and needs with its indoor and outdoor shopping venues, it remains the only
Turkish shopping center in the United States that offers all alternatives at the same time, with many
clothing stores and a new brand that has entered the Turkish market for the first time, as well as a wide
choice of restaurants from world cuisines.
With its architectural concept that reminds of a small Istanbul and its open green areas, LITTLE
ISTANBUL offers its visitors the comfort of indoor space and open space at the same time.
LITTLE İSTANBUL, its architecture, which is designed to make a different experience by reminding
Istanbul in all areas of the center; It promises to feel at home with its unique traditional architecture and
Istanbul figures, to feel at home with the friendships established with the local artisans, to watch movies
in the halls equipped with the most advanced technology, to have a pleasant time with its shooting point,
the children’s area and its feature of being a meeting point. .
LITTLE İSTANBUL has architectural shops with the concept of the spice market. LITTLE ISTANBUL,
which also serves gourmet delights with its restaurants in the Marketplace, which carries the spirit of the
old neighborhoods, has a parking lot with car capacity, offers a solution to the parking problem in
shopping centers and offers you the opportunity to park your vehicle comfortably and without any
LITTLE ISTANBUL, the address of luxury shopping, continues to be the focal point of all visitors with its
spacious architecture, customer experience and events.


Çintemani; Power, Might, Wealth or Heart’s eye, the eye of the mind, the lines on the edge of the world
eye mean the Pars-tiger (tiger) pelt-eye (energy), the treasure of thought (in sanskrit). It is used in caftan,
prayer rug, carpet and tiles. LITTLE ISTANBUL’s unique logo is designed in accordance with the