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CEO / Mehmet Bilici
A new shopping mall in the United States will bring together many Turkish companies from
various sector in one place. The Project has been planned since 1999, and the proposed
shopping mall will have a 35.000 square foot Istikbal furniture showroom. As well as nearly
ten different Turkish stores and companies in the food textile, souvenirs and medical/law
categories According to the Project manager, Mehmet Bilici. The shopping mall which is
named Turkish Mall, is 100.000 square feet in size and will be opened soon. It ıs planned to
be located in an area that ıs highly populated by Turks as well as various European ethnic
groups. Istikbal stores are visited not only by Turkish people. But also Europeans ( Polish,
Ukraine, Albanian). Russian and Middle Eastern ( Arab, Jewish, Asian) customers. Therefore
othher entrepreneurs at the shopping mall can benefit from our potential customers and we are
happy to provide them this opportunity; said Bilici. He said it would be convenient for
customers to find an the Turkish sores they needed ın one place. He said currently Istikbal
products were sold at almost one thousand sales points ın the United States. He answered
some of LİTTLE İSTANBUL of questions.
Can you give us a brief history of Istikbal in the US?
We first Introduced Istikbal products to American consumers ın 1999 through a partly retail
network in 2001. Sunset company and Istikbal brand came together for a serious. Professional
and modern distribution network in US. Istikbal first presented its living room arrangements
and couches to American consumers. Soon the Turkish couches, known as ‘Click Clack’ in
the US. Replaced the American futon.
Are you distributing your products through your own store or using other distribution
Our products are sold online through the biggest retail outlets in the US. Such as Walmart,
Target and JCPenny. Therefore we rely on them for distribution.
In how many different sales points can Istikbal be found ın the US?
You can find Istikbal products In more than one thousand different points In the US. From
Miami to Boston. Chicago to California. Additionally, In Clifton. New Jersey where there is a
big Turkish community. We have a 35,000 sq. ft. Store and serve our consumers the richest
collection of Istikbal products. Finally, everyone in the US can use our website In Paterson. New Jersey we have another company called
Sunset Intemational Trade manages the wholesale operations in a 20,000 square meter
warehouse and Office building. From the this point we distribute to seven states. Mainly New
Jersey through our transportation facilities. Our two main selling lines are ‘ Next Day
Delivery’ and Customer satisfaction ıs the Biggest Value.