Ongoing Architectural Projects

LİTTLE İSTANBUL offers many innovations in its architectural structure as well as the firsts it brings to
the concept of shopping. The use of indoor and outdoor spaces balances with each other, to make
visitors have experience in spaciousness and have comfort at the same time. The fact that the stores are
located on a single corridor makes it easier to find directions. It is possible to carry out activities for
different age and pleasure groups in activity areas located in more than one location. Water and light
games in the mall are designed to give visitors joyful moments. Inspired by the most important figures of
Istanbul, the Maiden’s Tower, Galata Tower, Bosphorus Bridge, historical avenues and streets, and the
spice bazaar, it is an architectural project that has the distinction of being the largest Turkish shopping
mall established in the United States. It is about to be established in NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK,